Coping With Financial Stress

Most older adults can’t withstand a financial shock, putting them at a greater risk for money stress and related health problems. Here’s a plan to get back control (and peace of mind). Worried about money? Join the club. Between the rising costs of, wel...


Reclaiming The Best Parts

Ileft my husband in May 2020, in the heart of COVID-19. I had stayed in an emotionally abusive marria...


Facing Fears

My childhood was chaotic, to say the least. I come from a family that has a deep-rooted history of me...


After A Loss, A New Beginning

Ihad a really close emotional connection with my mom. Even when I became an adult and started my own ...


Becoming Someone Else

I lost my best friend to cancer in 2022. We’d been friends for nearly forty-two years, ever since the...


Relaxed, Calm
and Focused

Rebalancing Your Nervous System

The First Thing I Do Every Day Is Open My Eyes And Think Of My Daughter

Each of my three daughters has a room in the house I share with my wife. One of those rooms has been ...