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Better than 'my old self'

It's cliche to say, "I feel like my old self again" so I won't say it. That's because I feel way better than my old self because of AshwaMag. The mood and the emotional support from the ingredients kick in at just the right time throughout the day especially when I get a little anxious or escalated. Two thumbs, way up for me! 👍👍

Fantastic, holistic approach to balancing out mood and emotional imbalance

I've been using AshwaMag for about 4 months and I'm very happy I was introduced to this formula. I recently had some bumps in this road we call life (job layoff, change in residence) that were incredibly stressful and AshwaMag really helped me stay on track emotionally and helped me to approach these challenges in a positive way. I highly recommend this formula - not only to those who might be undergoing stressful times, but to everyone for daily maintenance, better sleep, and better mental outlook overall. AshwaMag is a fantastic, comprehensive formula that addresses anxious feelings in a natural way.


I love that AshwaMag is all natural because you always want to feel like you best self!

Helped me through a dark time…

My husband turned me on to AshwaMag. I went through a car accident and this was a natural way to fight some of the feelings that were just not going away. I find that it helps us take the “edge” off disagreements, lol. Happier home life!!! Stress-free living! Love it.

AshwaMag is my new hero!

I'm so glad I was introduced to AshwaMag. I am very careful about what I put in my body and this product not only has healthy and effective ingredients, but it has been clinically studied, so I know it is a safe option to help treat my feelings of anxiety and sadness. All of the other side effects of being stressed have lessened as well like my fatigue, inability to concentrate, and irritability. I love that natural ingredients can help with my mood and happiness. another bonus is that it is easily accessible and very cost effective.

It does work!

Gosh, I’ve tried so many antidepressant supplements for the last eight years but nothing have worked as good as AshwaMag. I love it because it’s different and has such a unique formula that makes me feel relaxed, calm but yet very sharp and focused. I feel like I’m back: confident, happy, and bossy again (that’s what my husband says:). I started laughing again! Whoever created the AshwaMag, thank you folks! It’s such a great alternative to over the counter medications.

1 Bottle of AshwaMag
Dawna Wilson
Life Changing Supplement

Even if you understand the individual benefits of Ashwagandha and Magnesium, This specific formula is a powerhouse. Quality of ingredients matter. the proper combination matters. How it's sourced matters. AshwaMag has been specifically and specially formulated to do what it says it's going to do. Stress was affecting my sleep and sleep aids were ultimately making it worse because I didn't have the energy and focus in the morning. With AshwaMag, I'm calmer and more focused during the day, I'm sleeping better at night, and I believe I've broken the vicious cycle of stress, lousy sleep, and another day of grogginess cause more stress and strain.

I have hope again that I can not only get back to being myself but actually progressing beyond the stumbling blocks in life that have been keeping me from my best. I can now grow and achieve more, living a fuller, more productive life. I have been recommending AshwaMag to anyone I know (which is most of us) who are struggling to feel that balance and overall drive throughout the day. Thank you AshwaMag for changing my life.

Finally something that helped

Seriously, finally something to help my stress and calm me down. Glad I found it!!😃

1 Bottle of AshwaMag
nancy rabinowitz

During the course of dealing with a family illness for a few years I experienced much anxiety along with low moods. AshwaMag really helped take the edge off so that I could more easily function and deal with the day to day issues that I was faced with!

Debra’s review of Ashwamag

Ashwamag is by far the best natural supplement I have ever used to help combat feelings of anxiety and sadness. My son recently passed away, so Ashwamag was put to the test. I was able to stay focused in all the decision making. My sleep was undisturbed. I highly recommend it, especially if you struggle with feeling anxious or can’t sleep. Menopause messed my sleep patterns up. Ashwamag has helped me have peaceful sleep and to remain calm when I used to get so anxious and worked up. Absolutely a game changer for me!!!!!

AshwaMag has made such a positive difference

AshwaMag has really been a God-send in my life. I have a lot of stress in my life and I'm over 50, so a lot of changes in my body! I don't know all of the science but it has natural ingredients that help to stop the over-production of a stress hormone. Let me tell you, it works! It has improved my day-to-day living and my relationships. It somehow lessens my anxious feelings and sadness even before they gets started and overwhelm me.
Try it!

Happy again!

See that smile? I had forgotten what I used to look like.. life dealt be a crappy hand and I could not get out of my funk. I felt I could not control my brain, the obsessive thoughts were unending and keeping me from enjoying life. A friend pushed me to try ashwagandha. I didn’t believe it would work but I knew my friend wanted to help do I tried it. The difference is incredible. I feel like my emotions are on an upswing and w dry day gets better. I can see the light and not just the darkness. I take a lot of supplements and the one I’ll NEVER give up is ashwagandha.

1 Bottle of AshwaMag
Steven Martin
Ashwamag happiness.

What a difference! The longer I use it the more I feel the results from it.
Calmer, more relaxed in tense situations. Sleeping great, waking up in a good mood ready for the tasks of my day.
5 stars all the way.

1 Bottle of AshwaMag
Christine Mone

Hello I want to share my thoughts about AshwaMag, I’ve been trying it for a few weeks and I found it amazing I really felt a difference I was less stressed less depressed my feelings positive and I feel like a balance thank you, AshwaMag😊

1 Bottle of AshwaMag
Gerardo Zambrano
Calm, Cool, & Collected

I found relief with Ashwamag!

Zen in a Bottle!

OMG!!! I love love love this supplement!! I’ve been searching for something that’s all natural and I’m pretty sure I’ve found it! AshwaMag is AshwaMAZING!! Hahahaha!! I feel more calm, centered in my thoughts and feelings!! I make sure I make it part of my daily routine!!

1 Bottle of AshwaMag
Jennifer Pogats Meltzer

After several months of taking Greenwave Ashwamag, I feel grounded. I am calmer and more adjusted. My overall disposition is lighter.
I plan to continue using it.

AshwaMag helped me cope!

I’m so glad I tried AshwaMag. It helps center me and literally makes it possible for me to socialize with family and friends. My poor hearing kept me stressed and I was isolating myself from special family events - AshwaMag gave me a feeling of calm and balance to better deal with noisy situations. I’m back in the swing with far less anxious feelings! Thanks!

1 Bottle of AshwaMag
Emilie Soghomonian
Love this stuff

i have been taking ashwamag for about 7 months now and it’s been the perfect supplement to my daily routine. i take it with my two other vitamins and i’ve really noticed how much it helps me manage my stress and moods. i love the fact that it’s natural and doesn’t have any wonky side effects. no plans on taking this supplement out of my routine any time soon.

This Actually Helped With Stress Relief!

I’ve been looking for a product that actually helps me manage my stress and AshwaMag has helped me through some hard days. It’s like an easy button for my day! I feel more confident and calm when I meet a problem at work or home and my friends are even noticing. I can’t recommend this product enough if you’re looking for something to actual help with your stress levels throughout the day.


I finally found a product that helps to alleviate my sadness and depressed feelings! This new emotional health support supplement has truly made a difference in my life and of course, my mental health! AshwaMag naturally improves the levels of the feel good neurotransmitters, like serotonin, which helps me to feel less emotional stress and happier again! Also, I don’t feel “groggy “ or anything after talking the this supplement. Any way, I would highly recommend this product!

Feeling better

After taking ashwamag for 90 days. I noticed I am more motivated, less stressed and I am having better quality of sleep. The product has ashwaganda.
“Take the Natural Way to Mood and Emotional Health” - Dr. Gary Neuger
What’s In AshwaMag
Parasympathetic Nervous System
Emotional Health Experts
5 Clinically Studied Ingredients for Sadness & Anxious Feelings
Organic & Patented Ashwagandha, 2 Forms of Magnesium, Patented L-Theanine, and Methylated Vitamin B6 to help you feel...
Happier & Motivated
Less Anxious & Stressed
Calm & Relaxed
Better Quality Sleep
No One Gets Through Life Without Scars.
Feeling depressed or anxious can leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. You’re not!

1 Bottle of AshwaMag
Tricia Connor Jackson
The natural way to feeling myself again!

I began using AshwaMag after leaving an emotionally destructive marriage. I felt disoriented, sad, lack or energy, couldn’t sleep, unmotivated….said another way, just not myself. A friend recommended AshwaMag to me as a “natural” way to find myself again. I’m VERY happy to say I saw change in about 2 weeks or less. It definitely received the stress and lack of ability to focus. As well, my sleep improved almost immediately. I’ve since recommended this to friends who may be struggling with similar issues during difficult times in life….which we all have. I will always choose AshwaMag for those moments in life. It’s the natural way to feeling myself again.

This “Chill Pill” Has it All!

I’ve taken Ashwagandha in the past, but this made it a complete solution (and simpler) because it’s got a whole bunch more in there and I rest easy knowing that it’s the right balance of ingredients. Doesn’t hurt that it’s organic! Yeah, definitely benefiting from taking it regularly.

Amazing product!

I'm an ER nurse that struggles with anxiety. I did not want to take traditional medication to help. This product is an excellent alternative that actually helps lower my anxiety and stress level!

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