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Better than 'my old self'

It's cliche to say, "I feel like my old self again" so I won't say it. That's because I feel way better than my old self because of AshwaMag. The mood and the emotional support from the ingredients kick in at just the right time throughout the day especially when I get a little anxious or escalated. Two thumbs, way up for me! 👍👍

Saskia Baur
Fantastic, holistic approach to balancing out mood and emotional imbalance

I've been using AshwaMag for about 4 months and I'm very happy I was introduced to this formula. I recently had some bumps in this road we call life (job layoff, change in residence) that were incredibly stressful and AshwaMag really helped me stay on track emotionally and helped me to approach these challenges in a positive way. I highly recommend this formula - not only to those who might be undergoing stressful times, but to everyone for daily maintenance, better sleep, and better mental outlook overall. AshwaMag is a fantastic, comprehensive formula that addresses anxious feelings in a natural way.


I love that AshwaMag is all natural because you always want to feel like you best self!

Michelle N.
Helped me through a dark time…

My husband turned me on to AshwaMag. I went through a car accident and this was a natural way to fight some of the feelings that were just not going away. I find that it helps us take the “edge” off disagreements, lol. Happier home life!!! Stress-free living! Love it.

AshwaMag is my new hero!

I'm so glad I was introduced to AshwaMag. I am very careful about what I put in my body and this product not only has healthy and effective ingredients, but it has been clinically studied, so I know it is a safe option to help treat my feelings of anxiety and sadness. All of the other side effects of being stressed have lessened as well like my fatigue, inability to concentrate, and irritability. I love that natural ingredients can help with my mood and happiness. another bonus is that it is easily accessible and very cost effective.

Shanna May
It does work!

Gosh, I’ve tried so many antidepressant supplements for the last eight years but nothing have worked as good as AshwaMag. I love it because it’s different and has such a unique formula that makes me feel relaxed, calm but yet very sharp and focused. I feel like I’m back: confident, happy, and bossy again (that’s what my husband says:). I started laughing again! Whoever created the AshwaMag, thank you folks! It’s such a great alternative to over the counter medications.

Dawna Wilson
Life Changing Supplement

Even if you understand the individual benefits of Ashwagandha and Magnesium, This specific formula is a powerhouse. Quality of ingredients matter. the proper combination matters. How it's sourced matters. AshwaMag has been specifically and specially formulated to do what it says it's going to do. Stress was affecting my sleep and sleep aids were ultimately making it worse because I didn't have the energy and focus in the morning. With AshwaMag, I'm calmer and more focused during the day, I'm sleeping better at night, and I believe I've broken the vicious cycle of stress, lousy sleep, and another day of grogginess cause more stress and strain.

I have hope again that I can not only get back to being myself but actually progressing beyond the stumbling blocks in life that have been keeping me from my best. I can now grow and achieve more, living a fuller, more productive life. I have been recommending AshwaMag to anyone I know (which is most of us) who are struggling to feel that balance and overall drive throughout the day. Thank you AshwaMag for changing my life.

Finally something that helped

Seriously, finally something to help my stress and calm me down. Glad I found it!!😃

nancy rabinowitz

During the course of dealing with a family illness for a few years I experienced much anxiety along with low moods. AshwaMag really helped take the edge off so that I could more easily function and deal with the day to day issues that I was faced with!

Debra’s review of Ashwamag

Ashwamag is by far the best natural supplement I have ever used to help combat feelings of anxiety and sadness. My son recently passed away, so Ashwamag was put to the test. I was able to stay focused in all the decision making. My sleep was undisturbed. I highly recommend it, especially if you struggle with feeling anxious or can’t sleep. Menopause messed my sleep patterns up. Ashwamag has helped me have peaceful sleep and to remain calm when I used to get so anxious and worked up. Absolutely a game changer for me!!!!!